This vacancy has now closed

  • Advertised from 17th January 2020


We are looking to appoint 8 Registered Teachers and Lay persons, who are independent of the GTC Scotland Council, to the above positions.

The role of the Appointments Committee is to:

  • recruit and select Lay Council members and Education Panel members; and
  • adjudicate any membership disqualification, removal or suspension issues in respect of Council member or Panel appointee positions.

Term of Appointment

4 years


From February to mid-June 2020 – a time commitment of approximately 9 days will be associated with an initial appointment round. It is likely that this will include:

  • an induction session and initial meeting on 17 February 2020 (1 day)
  • shortlisting and interviews in early March 2020.

From July 2020 onwards – the time commitment will reduce and will vary from year to year depending on the level of activity required. It could be as little as 1 day or involve no time commitment at all depending on whether or not any interim appointment rounds or any membership matters arise to be addressed by the Appointments Committee. A further appointment round is anticipated in 2021 which could involve a time commitment of up to 4 days.

It is expected that you will set aside time to read agenda papers in advance of meetings and will participate actively in meetings and interviews.

Compensation Payment and Expenses

In accordance with the GTC Scotland Member Expense and Compensation Policy:

  • Compensation payment will be made at £75 per half day (up to 3.5 hours) for work undertaken as part of the Appointments Committee member role where this results in an individual being unable to undertake alternative remunerated employment or a cost for teacher supply cover is incurred by their employer.
  • Reasonable expenses will be paid.

Membership of the Appointments Committee is not a position of employment and Appointments Committee members are not subject to employment law.

Application notes

Closing date: Midnight on Sunday 26 January 2020.

To find out more and to apply, please see our website.

If you have any queries regarding the above role, please contact Lisa Dobie at or 0131 314 6021