Service Co-ordinator

  • Full time
  • £26,766 – £29,159
  • Edinburgh
  • Closing 20th September 2019

  • Advertised from 13th September 2019


Job Purposes & Core Details


  • work to the service and organisation's aims and values and promote the citizenship of the people we support.
  • ensure the delivery of a consistent high quality of service to people who use Turning Point Scotland's services and in so doing contribute to the provision of the highest possible quality of social care support which meets the service specification.
  • work with the Service Manager to lead, direct and manage the day to day operations within the service and provide line management support to the staff team.
  • operate at an advanced level of social care practice, which includes taking a higher level of responsibility for service delivery and development, staff management, and a leadership role.
  • work to the company's values - Because People Matter
  • undertake CPD (continuous professional development), including management and leadership training and use appraisals and supervision fully.
  • keep your registration and membership to relevant professional bodies up to date and valid.
  • undertake any outstanding require qualification for registration, or if not working in a registered service qualify at SVQ Level 4 Health and Social Care or SVQ3 with relevant additional units at SCQF level 7 relating to supervision and management.
  • undertake any other duties or responsibilities as may be deemed appropriate to the post by the Service Manage or Operations Manager.

Main duties and responsibilities

Support to people who use services - To:

  • ensure the provision of support and assistance in accordance with their support plans and the service aims.
  • work in line with and promoting the SSSC Codes of Practice and the relevant Care Standards.
  • be responsible for both directly undertaking initial and on-going assessments of people we support and of overseeing team members to do so.
  • manage staff to advise people we support in accordance with the service aims.
  • deliver or oversee key work for a person or people who have complex or multiple needs.
  • maintain professional confidentiality and boundaries at all times both with people being supported and and with the team.
  • support and assist people who we support in crisis situations, and/or manage a physical risk or behaviour likely to cause incidents, in accordance with the support plan or service protocol.
  • travel within the service area you are contracted for and supporting the travel and transportation of people who we support in accordance with their support plan (mobility, own car, service vehicles, public transport etc).
  • have an good understanding of the causes and effects of social exclusion as is relevant to the service and area in which you work.
  • promote peer work and the value of lived experience through providing support to peer support workers, TPS connects and volunteers.

Planning, policies and record keeping - To:

  • devise, review and update support plans, record events and observations and keep appropriate records as required in the service both directly and managing staff to do so.
  • ensure that a good standard of paperwork is prepared for service user reviews and attend reviews as appropriate.
  • plan and co-ordinate elements of support in accordance with the support plan.
  • prepare and implement risk management plans, and follow and update risk assessments, ensuring they are up to date.
  • work with data in line with the data protection act and support staff to do likewise.
  • work and comply with standard operation (finance, operational, health and safety and human resources) and service procedures including service user finances both as an individual and a manager.
  • audit and cross check service user finance when appropriate.
  • ensure that staff expenses and service costs are kept to a minimum.
  • review and audit to ensure team members are keeping records and plans as required.
  • arrange for rota/supports when required.

Interactions with other people - To:

  • manage and supervise teams on a day to day basis providing guidance, instruction and direction.
  • manage and supervise other staff administering or prompting medication, if required, and ensure that medication protocols are adhered to.
  • manage staff and volunteers/those on placement to comply with the SSSC Codes of Practice.
  • provide informal and formal support, feedback, induction, engagement period reviews, supervision and appraisal to staff.
  • undertake formal absence management processes and return to work meetings with employees with the support and guidance of your line manager.
  • undertake fact finding processes and performance management plans with employees with the support and guidance of your line manager.
  • promote a collegiate approach, team working well within the context of a diverse team.
  • manage and resolve conflict promptly and raise or report issues appropriately using the correct internal processes and encourage team members to do likewise.
  • communicate with people we support families' and provide guidance to team members around this.
  • liaise with workers from other agencies and provide guidance to team members around this.
  • manage others to comply with, and the service to meet with, the relevant legislation and National Care Standards.
  • support others to ensure they comply with SSSC Codes of Practice.
  • liaise with landlords and similar others on behalf of people we support if required and provide guidance to team members around this.
  • be aware of health and safety and make a management contribution to keeping the work environment, colleagues, community, people who use services and yourself safe. This includes health and safety audits in line with policy.

Leadership - To:

  • provide leadership to staff to support people we support in accordance with their support plan, the principals of citizenship and to maintain records correctly.
  • assist the service manager to prepare information and the service for inspections/audits or similar to contribute to these processes.
  • provide on-the-job training and/or coaching to new staff.
  • lead on a specific part of the service such as group work or health and safety.
  • provide leadership and positive role modelling to continuously seek service development, reflect on practice and identify improvements.
  • contribute to Turning Point Scotland as an organisation through attendance at specialist forums, delivering training or similar.
  • keep abreast of the sector 'big picture', operational environment and changes.
  • appropriately challenge oppressive or potentially abusive behaviours or practices.
  • undertake positive change management.

Miscellaneous - applies only in certain services

  • to undertake sleepovers, overnight and weekends working and occasionally participate in people who we support holiday's as required.
  • to ensure the service\location's stock or goods are in place and replenish/order as required.
  • to undertake training that may be technical or specialised that will benefit the service.
  • to provide technical testing services (BBV/swab and similar) and/or to train others in emergency, risk reduction action and medications.
  • to be responsible for the dispensing of medication, in particular, when supervising dispensing.
  • to be the most senior graded worker in charge of the service for most of the time when at work.
  • to perform lone working for significant lengths of my work time undertaking tasks that require a high level of independence and initiative.
  • to provide reports, witness testimony, recommendations for criminal justice or social work decisions/situations.
  • to have a good understanding of welfare in relation to how it will impact on your service user group.

Application notes

Closing date: 20th September 2019

Interviews will take place Friday 20th September

To find out more and to apply, please see our website.