Small Scale Research Consultant

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  • Negotiable
  • Scotland
  • Closing 1st March 2021

  • Advertised from 1st February 2021
  • Maximum amount available: £10,000



In partnership with Gender Equal Media Scotland (GEMS), Engender is commissioning a small-scale research project examining gender inequality in Scottish media. The findings will inform recommendations to Scottish Government about how a new Women in Media Body could operate.

A Scottish Women in Media Body would work towards gender equality, including all its social, cultural and economic components, in order to reshape both what and how media is made in Scotland. Monitoring media output would track the scale of representational inequalities in content, while collaborative partnerships between media, cultural, equalities and academic institutions would support Equal Media Action Plans, including guidelines, targets, reporting, and training.

To create a workable model for a Women in Media Body we need a better understanding of how substantive equality changes to the media landscape in Scotland could happen. This research will gather data from marginalised women working in and around Scottish media about their experiences as workers, whether employed or as contractors, and of producing content. It will also capture any experience they may have about diversity programmes or initiatives being operated by media companies. This will provide insight into “what works” in increasing gender equal representation and gender-competent content production and therefore help to clarify a theory of change.

We are aware that the sector in Scotland is small and that individuals may work in multiple sub-domains of it. We are therefore open to proposals for research approaches that focus on news media (digital/tv/print), but that in addition may include - but are not limited to - film and television, advertising, publishing, gaming, and music.

The resources and timescales available for this research requires a narrowed scope. Thus, the methodology for the study should focus on women most marginalised due to intersections of race, sexuality, ability, age, or single parenthood. It should examine gender inequality through the lens of the most marginalised, providing insight into the issues at their most extreme – and therefore insight into the experiences of all women working in the media system in Scotland.

Role of the consultant:

We are seeking a consultant to identify the critical barriers to women’s participation in media as workers, leaders, and content producers and also examples of equality initiatives and frameworks employed by media bodies to increase representation in the sector. We want this research project to evaluate good – and bad – practice, through the perspectives of women working across the sector. Alongside this analysis of “what works”, the study will explore the impact of any equality initiatives and frameworks on the content that marginalised women create and produce.

Delivery date:The final report for this project needs to be completed by 15th June 2021

Application notes

Full details and information on how to apply can be found in the attached document.

Deadline for receipt of tender proposals: 9am 1st March 2021.