• Advertised from 19th February 2021
  • 25 hours per week , Fixed Contract for 1 year (option for extension) Pp to £14,000 per annum


Beith Trust is delighted to announce it is recruiting for an exciting new project. This new role will be the lead worker in a team of young people who will coordinate and facilitate the delivery of a North Ayrshire wide youth led music programme. The post holder will act as project lead and will oversee the safe and efficient project operations

Project Brief

Beith Trust has a long standing connection with a number of young people who have had considerable success with their musical interest , which was originally activated within Beith Trust projects. Many are now skilled and experienced performers. Following on from a series of discussions with this group, they have expressed an interest in working with Beith Trust to facilitate this project, share their experience and skills, develop the assets and resources of the Garnock Valley to better provide a creative outlet and support young people to engage in music, showcase their talent and to bring the community together.

The project seeks to equip this community of young people with the resources, infrastructure and permissions to conceptualise, design and deliver their own music project on their own terms. Beith Trust will facilitate this by creating a supportive and encouraging environment and accountable structures which support young people to lead, manage and deliver project activities.

Band Factory will create opportunities for young people to become involved at a variety of levels, as novices participants, learners, teachers and shapers of the initiative. We want to :-

Improve mental and emotional wellbeing -

Music is of great importance to most young people with the vast majority citing it as ‘essential’ for their happiness[1] and wellbeing. The creative process of making music in groups creates opportunities to meet and connect with new people, combating loneliness, anxiety and creating a sense of belonging

Opportunities to achieve - The process of participating, leaning, managing and promoting events and gigs, designing and delivering activities, songwriting and performing, will create new possibilities for non academic accreditation and achievement moreover this activity will not only showcase success, it will also shine a light on what it takes to be successful.

Better Connections with the Community

Music by its very nature has a unique quality to engage individuals across social class, age, race, gender and ability. This project will use this quality as a foundation to reach and connect the wider community

Access to new skills and training opportunities which will help them to get a new job or start a business.

Leaderships Skills and Experience -young people will be supported and encouraged to undertake leadership roles within the project, these opportunities will equip them with a real life leadership experience, Beith Trust staff will mentor and guide this process and provide appropriate training and learning opportunities to support the process

Formal Training and Qualifications - Beith Trust offer a range of accreditation and qualifications at a variety of levels from age 10 upwards, young people will be supported and encouraged to accredit their learning within the project where appropriate

A Job Description is available for download below.

Application notes

Closing date for all applications will be 12pm (noon), Friday 5 March 2021

Interviews will take place on the 9th & 10th of March 2021.

Start Date is 15 March 2021

This post requires a PVG check

Please note that your application should be completed and emailed to claire.mcwilliams@beithtrust.org . Please complete our online form here

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