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Student Voice Manager

  • Full time
  • £30,355
  • Inverness
  • Closing 25th September 2022

  • Advertised from 26th August 2022


Student Voice Manager will be responsible for the delivery of our academic representation system, which supports the quality assurance mechanisms within our Academic Partners. The Association plays a key role in recruiting, training and supporting our Student Voice Representatives to help students enhance and develop their own experience, both academically and holistically. Utilising partnerships with key academic and professional staff within our Academic Partners, alongside locally deployed HISA staff and officers, this role ensures the system is working effectively.

This role also supports the democratic aims of the Students’ Association, ensuring that our Student Leadership is elected each year. This includes delivering several elections throughout the academic year, allowing our members to choose their representatives and the direction of the Association.

Key Responsibilities:

Academic Representation

  • Oversee the Academic Representation system to ensure delivery of an effective and engaging system, which fulfils its purpose of empowering student feedback to the Academic Partners.
  • Work collaboratively to ensure strong partnerships with members of staff across the University and Academic Partners are created and fostered, to enable increased understanding of the system and its benefits.
  • Ensure the system is fit for purpose, with a focus on representation and access for all members, supporting elected representatives and staff to identify and resolve issues where present.
  • Effectively evaluate and communicate the impact of the Academic Representation system, providing participation statistics, key successes and testimonials.
  • To develop the organisational approach to academic representation in line with developments in legislation and practice across the sector.
  • Ensure that all representatives are trained, supported and developed within their roles.

Governance & Democracy

  • Oversee the review and development of the Association’s governing structure and documents, ensuring they are effective and accessible to all.
  • Work with elected representatives to ensure that the Association’s student governance structure and bodies are effective, accessible and well promoted.
  • Support and develop the creation, approval and implementation of student-led policy, campaigns and referenda, facilitating student involvement in small to large scale political decisions.
  • Deliver the main annual elections in line with Schedules, with the aim of increasing the engagement and turnout where possible, through a cross-campus campaign highlighting the success of Officers and the Association.
  • Work collaboratively to ensure that the elections are reviewed and evaluated, implementing enhancements to increase satisfaction of all involved.

Student Voice

  • Lead the support provided to elected representatives to deliver their roles, represent students and engage with their relevant institution.
  • Lead the provision of Academic Partner- specific staff support for Officers, ensuring they are supported to engage with Boards of Management, Academic Representation and Quality Assurance mechanisms primarily.
  • Support Officers, staff and others to develop key relationships with Academic Partners and relevant academic staff to ensure the student voice is heard at all levels within UHI.
  • Delivery a comprehensive training and support programme for Officers, ensuring they have the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to succeed.


  • To adhere to all relevant HISA policy, procedures and governing documents at all times.
  • To undertake appropriate training and development as required for the role.
  • To undertake any other duties appropriate to the role, role grade and organisation, within their competence as required by management, to provide operational cover or support for colleagues including absence and periods of peak workload as required.
  • It may be necessary for the post-holder to work out of hours on occasion e.g. to cover events and extended office opening hours. A system of time off in lieu will operate to cover this.
  • A degree of travel between campuses will be expected.

Application notes

1. Please go to : and answer ALL questions on the form

2. Complete all screening questions via the link you will receive by an email; this is a mandatory part of the application process.

Please make sure you attach a Cover Letter to the application. CVs are not accepted as part of this recruitment process.

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