This vacancy has now closed

Business Development Manager

  • Part time
  • £32,000 pro-rata
  • Glasgow
  • Closing 25th October 2021

  • Advertised from 22nd September 2021
  • £19,200 - 24 hours per week.


This is a new post within Outside the Box, as part of developing the organisation and strengthening our overall capacity to achieve our charitable and strategic objective and continue to adapt in the future.

The post is for 2 years. We expect that by the end of that time we will have a clearer understanding of what we need for the future and any future post may have a different focus and remit.

We aim to support and promote equality and diversity and respect each employee as an individual person within our workplace.

We are happy to discuss how people from diverse backgrounds and situations can apply for the post and work with us.

It is important that the person is a member of our staff team, and we are not considering a contract with a fundraiser or similar external arrangement.

About Outside the Box

Outside the Box was established in 2004. We provide development support, shared learning and capacity building for people who want to make changes in their communities.

There is more about what we do on our website:

The people, groups and communities with whom we work are mostly those affected by disadvantage or who feel that they do not have a voice. The work we do alongside them focuses on the contributions people make and what can change their situation and/or the consequences of it. We do not get involved in activities that reinforce messages of dependency and we aim to reduce stigma and raise awareness among wider communities.

We have a strong focus on equalities, diversity and human rights and aim to promote these throughout the work we do and in how we work. We work as a team and support colleagues to develop what they do.

We are a learning organisation where we listen, use our experience to adapt and refine what we do, try new approaches and follow up opportunities, and do not expect to get everything right first time.

Our income sources need to reflect and support the way we work, including supporting innovation and impacts for communities rather only on individual people.

About this post

The focus of this post is to get Outside the Box in a stronger position on our income levels and sources.

We have been relatively successful in securing income for our work and we use grant funding to make an impact for people and communities. We want to build a better balance with income from other sources, including earned income and donations or other support through corporate and other sources that gives us even more flexibility in how we work with communities.

We are looking for someone who is part of our team’s work in building on current and previous achievements and relationships to create innovative approaches that benefit people in many more situations and places.

More information

The Business Development Manager Job Description which can be downloaded below (or emailed on request) provide more detailed information on the post and cover points related to:

  • Key responsibilities of the role
  • Qualities and experience that we are looking for
  • Working arrangements
  • The way we work

Our website is a good source of information about what we do and about specific projects and areas of work:

We will try to answer questions people have about the post. The first contact is Angela Ross, who is the Finance Co-ordinator:

Application notes

To apply, please provide 3 things:

  1. A CV, explaining what your experience is. We are interested in people’s life experience when it is relevant to this post, such as hobbies and roles you do on a voluntary basis, as well as paid work.
  2. A short note on what you bring to the main tasks in this job description.
  3. The names of 2 people who will give you a reference. They should know you in roles that are relevant for this type of post. We will not contact anyone for a reference until after the interview stage.

There is no application form.

The closing date for applications is Monday 25th October. You can send them by email to Angela Ross:

We expect the interview arrangements to be in 2 parts.

  • There will be an informal online session where short-listed applicants meet people involved in Outside the Box. This is another opportunity or you to ask questions as well as for us to ask applicants questions and get to know you.
  • The panel interviews are a few days later.
  • The panel interview may include an exercise that we send to applicants in advance.
  • The timing for the interviews is likely to be week of 8th or week of 15th November.