Treasurer to the Board

  • Management Board
  • Unpaid
  • Edinburgh
  • Closing 11th December 2022

  • Advertised from 10th November 2022


Catering for the future

"Scran Academy is a catering social enterprise on a mission to see every young person, regardless of background or barrier, realise their full potential in learning, work and life. Too many young people in our most challenged communities never realise their talents or aspirations due to the effects of social inequality and poverty."

Role of the Treasurer to the Board

To maintain effective governance of the organisation’s affairs, ensuring its financial viability and making sure that proper processes and procedures exist for assuring all financial records, decisions and delegations are maintained.

Key Responsibilities

1. Strategic

• To assist and advise in the formation of Scran Academy’s strategy, ensuring that the charity has the resources to deliver its strategy.

2. Financial

• To ensure that the Board receives appropriate budgetary and financial information on activities, including annual accounts.

• To ensure that accounts are prepared and disclosed in the format required by funders and relevant statutory bodies.

• To recommend to the Board appropriate accounting procedures, controls, and policies.

• To oversee the appointment of auditors and to review on a regular basis.

• To work in close partnership with the Chief Executive in executing their responsibilities and achieving their goals.

3. Assets and Investments

• To ensure that Scran Academy has an appropriate investment policy.

• To ensure that Scran Academy monitors the performance of its investments and to set an appropriate reserves policy.

• To ensure that all equipment and assets are adequately maintained and accounted for.

4. Governance

• To ensure that the Board is aware of its financial duties and responsibilities and the need to comply with legislation.

• To ensure that all financial policies, procedures, and the appointment of external financial advisors are reviewed on a regular basis.

• To act as Chair of the Finance and Audit sub-committee of the Board

• Contribute actively to the Board of Trustees' role in giving strategic direction to Scran Academy, setting overall strategy and policy, setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets;

• Ensure the financial stability of the organisation and the proper investment of Scran Academy’s funds;

• Ensure Scran Academy applies its resources exclusively in pursuing its objectives;

• Ensure the effective and efficient administration of Scran Academy;

• Safeguard the good name and values;

• Declare any conflict of interest while carrying out the duties of a Trustee;

• Be collectively responsible for the actions of Scran Academy and other Trustees;

• Participate in other tasks as arise from time to time, such as interviewing new staff, helping with fundraising;

• Attend meetings and subcommittee meetings as appropriate and read papers in preparation for the meeting;

• Keep informed about the activities of Scran Academy and wider issues which affect its work. In addition to the duties of all Trustees, each Trustee should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they must help the Board of Trustees reach sound decisions. This will involve scrutinising Board papers, leading discussions, focusing on key issues, and providing advice and guidance requested by the Board on new initiatives, or other issues, to the area of Scran Academy’s work in which the Trustee has special expertise.

Skills/attributes needed for the role

• Knowledge and experience of current and fundraising finance practice relevant to voluntary and community organisations

• Knowledge of bookkeeping and financial management (as necessary)

• Good financial analysis skills

• Ability to communicate clearly

Application notes

For more information or to register your interest please contact Ian Midwinter CEO at