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Senior Robust Services Practitioner

  • Full time
  • £25,000
  • Glasgow - Southside
  • Closing 31st July 2022

  • Advertised from 30th June 2022
  • 35 hours per week, various shift patterns including overnight and On Call Rotation as required.
  • Reference: Jordan


Reporting to: Operational Team Leader

Jordan is in his early twenties and looking for a Senior Practitioner to lead his staff team and help with the transition from living with family to living in his own home. People who know Jordan well describe him as intelligent, likeable, affectionate, and happy.

Jordan is very inquisitive and focussed and a keen problem solver. The mischievous side of his nature means that some of his problem solving will keep you on your toes! Jordan is very energetic, and you will need to be fast to keep up with him. Jordan’s memory is excellent, and he is really observant; He is always watching and learning. Being active and mentally stimulated is important for Jordan and it is essential that his days are as predictable as they can be and have structure and routine.

Jordan’s current team is quite small as he is currently supported a few days a week. Now that he is moving into his own home, he needs a bigger team along with a senior practitioner to assist him to recruit the right people and provide 24-hour support. Jordan lives with a learning disability, autism, and pica and he needs staff who will be confident in supporting him to manage the impact these have on his life.

Jordan is looking for support to move into his own home and adapt to having staff with him 24 hours a day. Jordan is very close to his family and may find this change quite difficult to adapt to at first. His goals are to feel and be safe at home and out in the community, to pursue his interests and develop new ones, and to stay well.

Jordan is looking for a Senior Practitioner who is

  • Able to lead and work 2:1 as part of a large team
  • Is confident, adaptable and a fast thinker
  • can be innovative and creative in leading his team along with him, to source and engage in meaningful activities
  • can apply a consistent approach and provide routine, structure, and predictability to his life
  • maintain relationships with his family
  • can keep him mentally stimulated and not become bored
  • is prepared to learn

Jordan is happy with both male and female staff.

In addition to a rewarding career, with competitive rates of pay, Fair Deal can offer a wide range of staff benefits including, competitive holiday entitlement, company sick pay scheme, workplace pension scheme and enhanced maternity/paternity benefits.

Application notes

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