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The Church of Scotland Investors Trust is responsible for managing funds of around £500 million held on behalf of various entities of the Church – from central committees in Edinburgh to parish churches all over Scotland. The Trust is established by Act of Parliament and is also a registered charity. It offers three funds to investors associated with the Church - Growth, Income and Deposit – and the Trustees appoint external managers for each fund.

There are currently ten Trustees who bring a range of relevant experience and expertise to the Trustee Board. This allows the Trust to appoint and supervise external investment manager firms across investment sectors, such as UK and international equities, global bonds, property and short-term deposits. The Trustees are also responsible for the efficient operation of the unitised funds, including pricing and accounting. Reporting to investors, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and the Charity regulators is of course, required as well. The Trustees also issue topical communications to investors where these are likely to be helpful – for example in respect of income distributions or when financial markets are volatile.

In recent years an increasing amount of attention has been given to Environmental, Social and Governance matters and this is expected to grow in importance.

New Trustees are initially appointed by the Trustee Board subject to confirmation at the next General Assembly. Trustees must be communicant members of the Church of Scotland.

New Trustees would be very welcome if they are able to contribute to the business of the Trust in any of the aspects of our work as described above. The Trustee Board normally meets four times a year, and there may be other meetings or correspondence to deal with on an occasional basis. New Trustees receive full information on the constitution of the Trust and on recent work and decisions. No remuneration is provided.

Trustees enjoy taking part in the management of the Trust and it provides a very valuable service to all parts of the Church of Scotland. We could appoint two new Trustees due to turnover in the current Board, but would like potential candidates to apply by 30th November 2021.

Please apply in writing setting out your experience and areas of interest to the Executive Officer on the details below.

Application notes

Please apply in writing setting out your experience and areas of interest to the Executive Officer on the details below.

June Lee

Investors Trust Executive Officer

121 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4YN

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