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Lead Practitioner - Citizenship and Inclusion

  • Full time
  • £19,085 – £21,397
  • Glasgow
  • Closing 21st January 2019

  • Advertised from 7th January 2019


Job Description

Job purpose & core details. To:

  1. Work to the department and organisation’s aims and values and promote the citizenship of the people we support.
  2. Coordinate and deliver the Connecting Citizens course.
  3. Recruit, develop, and support new members to TPS Connects.
  4. Develop and support TPS Connects volunteers.
  5. Undertake any other duties or responsibilities as may be deemed appropriate to the post by the Director of Business Development and Improvement (or nominated deputy).

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

TPS Connects

  • Work across Turning Point Scotland to encourage and support recruitment of TPS Connects members.
  • Arrange, coordinate, and support TPS Connects group activities.
  • With colleagues, ensure TPS Connects meetings are held regularly.
  • With colleagues, arrange and coordinate consultation meetings with TPS Connects members.
  • Contribute to the development of, and support to, TPS Connects volunteers.
  • Lead on the communication of information to TPS Connects i.e. newsletter and Facebook.
  • Assist in the organisation and delivery of TPS Connects events as appropriate.

Connecting Citizens

  • Coordinate this 6-month programme based on the TPS Citizenship approach to students recruited from Turning Point Scotland services.
  • Support peer mentors to deliverWhat’s Up?sessions.
  • Support students to identify, plan and complete a Valued Role project.
  • Liaise with existing partner organisations involved in delivering the programme and build new partnerships.
  • Develop students to take on the role of Peer Mentor in future programmes.
  • Provide regular feedback and support peer mentors.

Support to people who use services. To:

  • Have an understanding of the causes and effects of social exclusion.

Planning, policies and record keeping. To:

  • Regularly review the effectiveness and impact of your contribution to TPS Connects and Connecting Citizens.
  • Keep a record of activities and events in accordance with organisational policies and procedures.
  • Follow risk management plans, and follow and update risk assessments.
  • Work with data in line with data protection laws e.g. DPA18 and GDPR.
  • Work with and comply with standard operation (finance, operational, H&S, HR) and service procedures.

Interactions with other people. To:

  • Have a collegiate approach, ask when you need support or guidance and team work well with a diverse group of people.
  • Manage and resolve conflict promptly and raise or report issues appropriately using the correct internal processes.
  • Liaise with workers from other agencies when requested to do so by senior colleagues.
  • Work in accordance with the relevant legislation and National Care Standards.
  • Liaise with external agencies and venues to arrange an activity base as required
  • Maintain confidentiality with shared information.
  • Be aware of health and safety and contribute fully to keeping my work environment, community, people who use services and me safe.

Leadership. To:

  • Support the delivery of group work within the department.
  • Continuously contribute to service development and improvement.
  • Contribute to Turning Point Scotland.
  • Keep abreast of changes or sector requirements that are relevant to you.
  • Appropriately challenge oppressive or potentially abusive behaviours or practices and report any concerns quickly to senior colleagues.

Miscellaneous (applies only in certain services). To:

  • To undertake evening and weekend work as required.
  • To undertake training that may be technical or specialised that will benefit the department
  • To perform lone working on occasions

Application notes

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