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Carr Gomm

Charity registered in Scotland SC033491

Carr Gomm is one of Scotland’s leading social care organisations. Everything we do is shaped by our core values of choice, control, interdependence, openness & honesty, and respect. We are a registered charity and not-for-profit company: we put people first.

Closed vacancies
This vacancy has now closed

Senior Projects Officer - Marketing and Communications

  • Part time
  • £22,701 – £26,700 pro-rata
  • Edinburgh
  • Closing 24th March 2020

As our senior projects officer (marketing and communications), you will collaborate on a diverse range of creative and innovative projects. As part of the business development team, your involvement will range from marketing, communications, and design, to event planning, relationship cultivation and inspiring others to become champions for the organisation.

Your creativity will lead you to articulate the life-changing impact of Carr Gomm through writing, photography, videography and design, capitalising on digital marketing and local and national press outlets. You will understand and communicate the significance of our work – that people are supported to overcome physical, psychological and societal barriers in order to live the life they want, follow new interests and create new connections – and hence the importance of our team to make it possible. You will understand that the sooner we’ve accomplished our objectives, the sooner we’ll be changing people’s lives and enhancing Carr Gomm.

Reporting to the business development manager, you will be working on a wide variety of projects, some of which will require you to take a lead role and work closely with our projects officers. Taking particular responsibility for marketing and communications projects, you will:

  • co-create, deliver and review marketing plans and strategies
  • support the creation of internal and external communications and publications
  • source and create content for our digital channels, utilising a range of media
  • maintain accurate databases and monitoring tools to inform decision making
  • contribute to the research and development of innovative projects and activities

This outline is by no means exhaustive; rather it gives a flavour of the responsibilities undertaken by the senior projects officer (marketing and communications) and the wider team.

What makes a great senior projects officer (marketing and communications)?

Successful senior projects officers (marketing and communications) come from different backgrounds and have a range of work and life experiences. All are pro-active learners with a flair for engaging with and relating to people, and share our values; respect, interdependence, choice, control, openness and honesty. In our eyes, the best senior projects officers are creative, tech-savvy, patient, positive, self-motivated, and incredibly strong team players who are wonderful ambassadors, analytical thinkers, excellent storytellers, and passionate world changers.

This vacancy has now closed

Community Link Worker

  • Full time
  • £27,539
  • Edinburgh
  • Closing 14th September 2020

The Community Links Worker programme, funded by the Scottish Government, is delivered in partnership with GP Practices and the 3rd sector to support people to live well through strengthening connections between community resources and primary care.

We are looking to recruit a Community Link Worker who will work as part of the practice team in Craigmillar Medical Group, an Edinburgh GP practice in an area of deprivation, to provide 1:1 person-centred and practical supports to people in contact with the GP practice team.

This post holder will work with individuals to enable them to identify personal outcomes and priorities for their health and well-being and link them to local, city and national activities and support services. You must have experience of working with people who are facing complex social and emotional circumstances, a strong understanding of the challenges affecting people living in areas of deprivation in relation to living well, extensive effective interpersonal skills in working with people on a 1:1 basis as well as experience in networking and relationship building with other professionals and organisations.

This vacancy has now closed

Digital Inclusion Researcher

  • Full time
  • £35,000
  • Scotland - Negotiable
  • Closing 9th December 2020

Locality - the base for the role is negotiable however initially there will be a blend of virtual communication and travel to facilitate research functions and this will be dependent on the current COVID-19 restrictions in place.

In the 21st Century, being digitally excluded is an increasingly acute form of social exclusion, with significant detrimental impacts, from being unable to access many services to not having the same options for keeping in touch with friends and family. All of this has been aggravated by the Coronavirus crisis, which accelerated the trend towards many supports and services moving online. In Carr Gomm, it is a strategic aim to promote digital inclusion throughout the organisation for staff and in particular, for people we support as their levels of non-digital engagement are well above any national averages for a complex range of reasons. As many people we support are already at risk of social exclusion, not addressing the reasons for their digital exclusion with them could exacerbate that risk for them.

Your enthusiasm, adaptability and problem-solving approach will encourage others to become active supporters of this key digital ambition – from corporate supporters to engaging and upskilling staff to become local digital ambassadors for their teams and people we support. Many job descriptions highlight the ability communicate effectively with a range of audiences – rarely has this been more true than in this case. You will have to demonstrate credibility when working with (potential) technology partners, commitment when working with our staff and empathy while working with people we support, to acquire accurate information about the gaps and proposing appropriate, achievable answers.

Partnership will be key throughout this project, from co-working with local Digital Ambassadors and teams, through co-producing ideas and outcome plans with people we support, to researching and recommending solutions (based on your findings and our technology parntser’s expertise) to senior management teams and the Board of Directors as well as exploring third sector partnership options. This is a stimulating, challenging role, which will explore the potential of digital innovation to address the impacts of social isolation and loneliness.

Reporting to the Senior Operations Manager for Community Development, and a Project Steering Group, you will lead on a variety of tasks to enable Carr Gomm to take forward our digital ambitions:

• Work with local teams identify the most positive ways to engage with people we support locally and meet with them virtually and in person to fulfil the in-house research elements of the role

• Identify core elements of the digital ambassador role, develop a role descriptor, find ambassadors in teams and support them to become a great digital resource to colleagues and people we support

• Developing bespoke in-house learning inputs for staff as well as sourcing external resources

• With our technology partner, research technology solutions, to inform your recommendations to senior management about digital resources and development opportunities (recommendations must take cognisance of practical issues such as maximising accessibility and project budget)

• Work with Business Development colleagues and management to complete any appropriate funding applications to take progress recommendations for the future from this project’s findings

This outline is by no means exhaustive; it gives a flavour of the responsibilities and skills required.

What makes a great Digital Inclusion Researcher?

As this is such an innovative role, we do not have a template of what the successful applicant’s background, work or life experiences will be. You will however the skills and leadership abilities to meet the demands of this challenging role, but these skills could be transferable from a range of settings. We do have an expectation of attitude - a proactive learner with a flair for engaging with, and relating to people, who is enthused by this project and shares our values; respect, interdependence, choice, control, openness and honesty. You will have to be creative and tech-savvy (with an interest in learning more about technology options throughout the life of the project), patient and positive, as well as motivated to make a success of what is essentially an amazing action research project. You will have the analytical skills and confidence to pull together recommendations about the next stage of this project, based on your findings, and the excellent writing skills necessary to produce first class project reports. You will work with people we support and staff and develop our digital ambassadors, but you yourself will be a wonderful ambassador for this exciting project, as it is a chance to contribute to changing access to the digital world for many who are currently so far from it.