Climate Action Strathaven
Climate Action Strathaven
Climate Action Strathaven was set up in September 2019 with the following purpose: WHAT? To raise awareness of the reality of the impact of climate breakdown on the people of Strathaven and surrounding areas; WHY? The science is clear, and our governments are failing to act. Our children will never forgive us if we don’t act; HOW? Bringing people together to take practical action.

Closed vacancies
This vacancy has now closed

Project Worker

  • Full time
  • £24,000 – £27,000
  • Strathaven, South Lanarkshire
  • Closing 28th February 2021

CAS is a young and enthusiastic charity, based in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire which is fast developing a profile for local action to reduce environmental harms. We have now reached the stage where we intend to recruit our first full time Project Worker to play a key part in helping to deliver the Charity’s ambitions.

In the wake of a declared climate emergency and an unsustainable rate of consumption of our one planet’s resources, Climate Action Strathaven (CAS) was established as a charity in 2020 with the following aims:-

• The advancement of citizenship and community development;

• The advancement of environmental protection and improvement.

Since then, we have published “Sustainable Strathaven - A Manifesto” which sets out our ambitions towards Strathaven becoming a leader in environmental sustainability We want to work together with individuals and community groups to deliver ambitious targets which better reflect the urgency of the climate emergency than those adopted by Governments. To these ends, we intend to work with a range of people and organisations to design and deliver:-

• Influence, through agreeing specific requests and expectations of politicians at both local and national level to promote, in the short term, a green recovery from the disruption of coronavirus and, in the longer term, more ambitious progress against environmental damage;

• Local Action, including finding ways to access resources to improve the energy efficiency of local housing, supporting local businesses based on the principles of a circular economy and encouraging local initiatives, including reducing and recycling waste;

• Sustainable Travel and Transport, through finding ways to make safer walking and cycling options easier than using cars and better public transport for commuting to school and work; this includes the development of a Strathaven Car Club to address the proliferation of cars and offer better and cheaper options for getting around.

A full time Project Worker will provide leadership and a focal point to help members and volunteers develop the 10 Manifesto projects throughout 2021 and beyond, initially concentrating on the first of these projects, namely :-

· Develop the newly established Strathaven Car Club with the potential to significantly reduce the burden of car ownership.

· Further develop the Strathaven Cycle and General Repair Shop at the Town Mill, building on the success of the summer 2020 series of pop-up cycle repair shops, to contribute to the development of a local circular economy, improve health and well-being and reduce car use.

· Support local businesses to adopt low carbon vehicles (electric/hydrogen/hybrid/cargo bikes) for deliveries and business within and around Strathaven.

· Establish a Strathaven Food Growers Scheme.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is passionate about the environment and wants to work hard with enthusiastic volunteers to improve the quality of life for all in ML10 and the surroundings.