Participation and the Practice of Rights
Participation and the Practice of Rights

Charity number NIC103673

Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) is a small human rights NGO with a big vision: to turn international human rights standards into grassroots tools for economic, social and environmental change.

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  • Full time
  • £40,760 – £44,863
  • Belfast
  • Closing 25th February 2021

Who We Are: Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) is a Belfast based NGO at the centre of one of the most dynamic social movements across Ireland. Since 2006 we have supported marginalised communities to use human rights to achieve practical change across a range of social and economic rights issues: housing and accommodation, mental health, education, income and those experiencing digital inequality. Our approach has inspired other movements across Britain and Europe and we are part of a growing international activist network.

PPR promotes the realisation of human rights by building power and challenging systems that perpetuate inequality through disempowerment and exclusion. We harness our organising, policy and communications expertise - and our growing activist network - to support communities who have been marginalised by laws, policies, public authorities or private interests. We fight to win.

PPR’s highly adaptive approach to organisational development enabled us to respond strategically to COVID-19– respecting lockdown and social distancing while developing new and effective digital strategies which have strengthened our grassroots campaigns. We are seeking a Director build on these strong foundations.

The Role: The Director will lead PPR’s Senior Management Team (SMT) in providing strategic leadership to drive organisational development, funding strategies and governance while ensuring adherence to the mission, vision and values of the organisation at all times. The Director will fulfil responsibilities required to steward PPR; proactively safeguarding our internal culture of flexibility, openness and learning by doing while ensuring that the marginalised communities we organise with are effectively supported by our highly skilled, experienced and valued staff team.