Glasgow Zine Library
Glasgow Zine Library

Charity registered in Scotland SC050309

We are a self-publishing library, archive and community space located in Govanhill, Glasgow.

Current vacancies

Voluntary Trustee Role

  • Management Board
  • Unpaid
  • Glasgow
  • Closing 15th July 2022

Glasgow Zine Library, SCIO ( is an community library based in the Southside of Glasgow. It acts as a growing archive of self-published works, with an inviting and accessible area of reading in the space, as well as running a year-long programme of events to celebrate the ethos of Do It Yourself (DIY) culture. Glasgow Zine Library (GZL) also programmes Glasgow Zine Fest, an annual celebration of community arts, now in its 9th year. The event, held at the CCA in Glasgow, welcomes over 2000 attendees to a weekend-long programme of community arts events, and a large zine-maker market featuring makers from all over the world.

GZL is seeking three new members of our Board of Trustees, for our Glasgow-based organisation. The Board of Trustees will meet three times per year, with one additional annual general meeting. Other meetings may be called for throughout the year. The post is a minimum of one year and maximum 3 years, with an option of the board voting to allow someone to do another term at the end of their post.

We are aiming to ensure that our Board is diverse and representative of those we work with. We encourage applications from BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. Applications with specific skills are welcome (most notably, experience with charity accounting), but ideally we are seeking interest compatible with the concerns of the organisation, and a range of experiences and perspectives to inform the direction of GZL.

The main concerns of GZL are:

  • To advance the self-publication of ‘zines’ (self-published magazines) as a means for artistic, community and personal expression.
  • To promote the production and appreciation of zines with and for the community in Glasgow, Scotland and the UK.
  • To provide facilities, services and events for the above that are accessible to people of any gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, language nationality, et al.

The main functions of GZL trustees are:

  • Contributing to GZL’s strategy and programming
  • Working closely with the Director and other members of the GZL team
  • Presenting and considering the annual financial statement
  • Assessing all external funding and relevant paperwork
  • Setting the organisational budgets
  • Bring to the table any ideas for community outreach

As GZL moves forward, we will be expanding our accessibility and outreach, increasing our fundraised and earned income, providing more opportunities for our audience and network of collaborators, and finding new ways of serving and engaging our community. As an organisation that has previously served artists and our community, we are particularly interested in expanding and solidifying our presence in heritage spheres - in terms of funding, programming and community engagement. We are seeking to strengthen and develop the intangible cultural heritage that zines represent and to validate them and their value to the community.

Our Aims:

  • To provide alternative community arts and heritage education through affordable, accessible workshops and activities.
  • To celebrate zine heritage through the provision of a community archive.
  • To advance citizenship and develop communities by promoting the production and appreciation of zines to communities in Glasgow and beyond.
  • To facilitate the making of new zines and work through skill-sharing opportunities and access to resources.
  • To build community care and connection through our outreach programme.
  • To provide youth development opportunities to young people in our community, such as through our Young Producers Programme.

Our Values:

  • We want to promote equality and diversity by providing facilities and services with the aim of benefitting our community, and providing agency to groups who are underrepresented in arts, heritage and culture.
  • We want to work together with the wider arts, heritage and community sectors to democratise participation and leadership in the arts in Glasgow.
  • We want to support the progression of those involved in our programme at every level.
  • We want to remove barriers of accessibility for people wishing to access the library, festival and its associated events programme.
Closed vacancies
This vacancy has now closed

Fundraiser and Sponsorship Expert

  • Part time
  • £25,000 pro-rata
  • Glasgow
  • Closing 22nd November 2021

Glasgow Zine Library, SCIO are seeking a fundraising and sponsorship expert to join our team to help us reach financial goals and secure a more stable and diverse stream of funding. We are looking for someone with a creative approach to income generation with extensive experience who is an excellent communicator.

As our new Fundraiser, you will work closely with our team to strategise and write applications for private, public, and potentially corporate funds. Because of the part-time nature of the position, you will delegate tasks to our team so that we can adequately support you in applications. You will report to our Board of Trustees at our quarterly meetings on progress made and income generated.

Glasgow Zine Library is a self-publishing library and community arts space located in Govanhill on the south side of Glasgow. We aim to advance the arts, heritage and cultural sector through promoting self-publication as a means for artistic, community and personal expression. We have a growing archive of self-published works, with around 1000 zines currently in the collection. We run a year-round programme of educational events and our annual festival, Glasgow Zine Fest.

The coming year marks an exciting period of growth and consolidation for the organisation. Our events programme will be shaped around three themes: The Stories We Tell, Between Creativity and Wellness, and Opening the Gate: Making Theory Accessible, offering our audiences an opportunity to develop and nurture themselves and their creative practice. We will begin to offer intermediate and advanced learning opportunities in addition to our existing beginners offer. We will be expanding our Young Producers Programme for 14-18 year olds and creating a follow-on Emerging Programmers initiative for adults. We will be focusing on building stronger community partnerships and developing a more financially sustainable model. As we begin to reopen the library, following Covid-19 closures, we will be broadening its use, doing more to bring the collection to life and make zine-making and self-publishing more accessible.